About Deal Hunter

Deal Hunter is made and run by the MS Tech team in cooperation with Eric Volpert. This site serves as a hub of the best tech deals on the web. We visit dozens of sites and hand pick the best deals for tech that we can honestly recommend, guaranteeing that you are looking at not just a great deal, but also a fantastic product. No more wasting time making sure a good deal is actually worth it, we do that for you. What should you do with all that saved time? We don't care, it's your life.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. This site is absolutely free and doesn't require anything to view the deals. The way it works is each product contains an affiliate code, so if you do purchase one of the products, we get a small percentage from Amazon. Best of all, you pay the same price for the product with or without our affiliate code, so it's a win-win situation. You get fed awesome tech deals, and we get a kick back. Boom, mind blown.

How often is it updated?

All the time. Prices of existing listings are checked once an hour and new listings are added a few times a day. Every hour, prices are checked via the Amazon API and prices that have gone over our "Deal Threshold" (usually 1.05x the original deal price) will be automatically unlisted from the site. We add all deals ourselves for now after checking price history and product reviews, but soon we'll have some intelligent programming to help us with the process of picking items to list. Yes it's tedious, but that's our problem. You get the deals, we do the work. You're welcome :)

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